Library rules
1.1. The rules and regulations of the library of ITMO University (hereinafter Rules, Library, ITMO) have been developed in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, ITMO University Charter, and internal policies and procedures of ITMO.

1.2. The following terms are used in these Rules:
  • Library – ITMO structural unit that possesses a library stock and provides library and information services to Users.
  • Library stock – the aggregate of physical and digital material of various purposes and status that are organizationally and functionally interconnected and are subject to registration, compilation, storage, and use for the purposes of providing library services to Users.
  • Document – a document that is part of the Library stock.
  • ISU - information system used by ITMO for automation of its activities that can be accessed via the website at isu.ifmo.ru.
  • Personal page – section of Website that contains personalized information and functions individually available to User.
  • Users – ITMO staff members and students who employ the Library’s services.
  • Website – Library’s website at lib.itmo.info that makes it possible for Users to gain access to Documents as well as scientific and informational resources.
  • E-pass – a pass (physical or digital) that’s used for the identification of User in ITMO’s ACS systems.
  • Electronic logbook – one’s library account that can be accessed via their personal page.
1.3. Rules regulate the general procedure of providing services to Users, the rights and obligations of Library and Users, and liabilities associated with the Users’ violation of the Rules.