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Due to the growing number of papers published by ITMO University authors in journals of questionable scientific value, we would like to remind you to carefully choose journals you submit papers to. You can find out more in the For authors section.
Remote access
Dear students and lecturers,

In order to access ITMO University' digital resources remotely, we recommend you to create a VPN connection via the university's local network. With its help, you will be able to use all available digital resources.
Send an email that includes your full name and ISU login to Use the subject line "Хочу создать VPN-подключение" ("I want to create a VPN connection")
You will receive a confirmation letter with further instructions
Turn the VPN connection on and check if you have access to the Library's digital resources
Useful resources
Write here for inquiries regarding COVID-19 prevention and control.

Telegram channel with up-to-date information for students and lecturers – @ITMOLNIA
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