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A new round-the-clock coworking space is now open on the third floor of the university's main building at Kronverksky Prospekt 49. Here, you can work, study, or rest with comfort 24/7.

Two renewed locations are also opening soon at the Lomonosova St. 9 campus. There will be a reading room with a sound-free zone on the fifth floor where visitors will be able to use computers, rent books, and study. On the third floor, there will be another round-the-clock coworking space.

Everyone is welcome!

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Reading room
Lomonosova St. 9, room 1505
Mon-Sun: 9am – 10pm
Phone: +7 (812) 480-44-80
Coworking spaces
Kroverksky Pr. 49, third floor, room 355
Lomonosova St. 9, third floor, room 1330
Open 24/7
An administrator is present every day from 10 am to 10 pm
Yulia I. Novikova  
Head of the library
Nataliya F. Ratnikova
Deputy head of the library
Tatyana A. Timashina
Senior library custodian
Alexander V. Kirilenko
Chief bibliographer
Daniil A. Shirokov
Scientific and informational resources specialist
Maria A. Topunova
Project manager

1.1. The rules and regulations of the library of ITMO University (hereinafter Rules, Library, ITMO) have been developed in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, ITMO University Charter, and internal policies and procedures of ITMO.

1.2. The following terms are used in these Rules: 
  • Library – ITMO structural unit that possesses a library stock and provides library and information services to Users.
  • Library stock – the aggregate of physical and digital material of various purposes and status that are organizationally and functionally interconnected and are subject to registration, compilation, storage, and use for the purposes of providing library services to Users.
  • Document – a document that is part of the Library stock.
  • ISU - information system used by ITMO for automation of its activities that can be accessed via the website at
  • Personal page – section of Website that contains personalized information and functions individually available to User.
  • Users – ITMO staff members and students who employ the Library’s services.
  • Website – Library’s website at that makes it possible for Users to gain access to Documents as well as scientific and informational resources.
  • E-pass – a pass (physical or digital) that’s used for the identification of User in ITMO’s ACS systems.
  • Electronic logbook – one’s library account that can be accessed via their personal page.

1.3. Rules regulate the general procedure of providing services to Users, the rights and obligations of Library and Users, and liabilities associated with the Users’ violation of the Rules.
2.1. To gain access to Library, as well as get the opportunity to use its services, Users have to register on Website.
2.2. Users are authenticated during registration on Website via their ISU profile.
2.3. Completing the registration leads to the creation of User’s Personal page on the Website. At the same time, User’s E-pass gains the status of a library pass.
2.4. When registering on Website and providing information about themselves on their Personal page and ISU, as well as using library and information services, User has to communicate to ITMO true, full and precise information, and update this information to maintain its accuracy.

2.5. In order to ensure positive identification, User assures that they will:
2.5.1. not give their library pass to third parties;
2.5.2. ensure strict confidentiality of their ISU password and take the precautions necessary to keep it secret and not communicate it to third parties;
2.5.3. immediately inform ITMO via any means available and change their password in case their password is compromised, or is communicated to a third party; 
2.5.4. ensure the essential level of information security and antivirus protection on the devices (computers, mobile devices) used by User to access ISU and/or their Personal page.

3.1. Library and information services are provided at Library’s spaces, including reference rooms and coworking spaces, as well as via Website.
3.2. Users have the right to use the following library and information services free of charge:
3.2.1. accessing complete information on Library stock via Website and other ways of accessing information at Library;
3.2.2. receive assistance from Library staff in searching and choosing Documents;
3.2.3. receive Documents for short-term use at Library spaces;
3.2.4. receive Documents for long-term use;
3.2.5. receive remote access to Documents.

4.1. Documents are issued if there are sufficient copies in Library stock.
4.2. If there are not enough copies of Documents, User can make a reservation via their Personal page (and be added to a wait list).
4.3. Users must take good care of Documents and should not make notes in them, tear or fold pages, or damage the RFID tags of Documents.
4.4. When using Documents, Users have to comply with the copyright legislation of the Russian Federation. 
4.5. Documents are stored as open access stock (open shelves in Library spaces) and restricted access stock.
Rules for working with Documents of the open access stock
4.6. Users are free to take Documents of the open access stock on their own. These Documents are only available for short-term use at Library spaces.
4.7. When receiving Documents, Users should carefully check their condition and notify Library staff immediately in case there are any defects.
4.8. After finishing their work with Documents, Users should return Documents into special boxes. Users are forbidden to return Documents on shelves by themselves.
Rules for working with Documents of the restricted access stock
4.9. An Order for receiving Documents from the restricted access stock is filed by User with Library staff or on their own using their Personal page.
4.10. No more than five Documents can be included in a single Order (apart from study materials).
4.11. An order for Documents is executed within up to 2 calendar days, depending on the distance from the Document’s place of storage to the corresponding Library space.
4.12. Users may be denied the issuance of Document in case User’s age does not correspond to the age restrictions on Document.
4.13. Information on the status of an Order is available via User’s Personal page. 
4.14. When ordered Document arrives at the corresponding Library space, it can be received by User within 2 calendar days from the completed orders box (hereinafter Box) or at the Document issuance counter. 
4.15. When receiving Documents, User has to:
4.15.1. carefully check their condition and report any defects to Library staff;
4.15.2. make sure that the data on received Document is correctly included in Electronic logbook, and in case of incorrect data report it to Library staff.
4.16. Library staff have the right to check the accuracy of data on Document received by User in their Electronic logbook, including when User leaves Library. 
4.17. Documents have to be returned before the following deadlines:

Study materials:
  • In abundance of copies — until July 15 of the corresponding academic year;
  • In few copies — 30 calendar days
Scientific literature — 30 calendar days

  • Books — 30 calendar days;
  • Magazines — 14 calendar days
4.18. In any case, all Documents received have to be returned to Library annually before July 15 or any of the following occasions:
4.18.1. User’s loss of status as an ITMO student (expulsion) and/or staff member (termination of employment agreement with ITMO);
4.18.2. User’s leave of absence, pregnancy leave, or parental leave.
4.19. Users can return Documents to Library staff or via self-service stations.

5.1. Users have to present their Library pass in order to gain access to Library spaces.
5.2. Constant audio and visual surveillance takes place in Library spaces.
5.3. Users are prohibited to:
5.3.1. enter Library spaces wearing outerwear and/or dirty clothing and footwear, as well as with bulky bags or wet umbrellas;
5.3.2. eat food at Library spaces (excluding co-working spaces) and chew gum;
5.3.3. drink beverages (excluding beverages in lidded bottles) or smoke at Library spaces;
5.3.4. Be present at Library while under the effects of alcohol and/or drugs;
5.3.5. sleep in Library spaces, lie on sofas, put feet on Library furniture, or remove their footwear;
5.3.6. use Library equipment for purposes unrelated to academic, scientific and research activities;
5.3.7. install software on Library equipment, adjust system settings, or bypass the hardware restrictions of Library equipment;
5.3.8. disturb the silence and peace at Library, speak loudly, watch videos or listen to recordings without headphones;
5.3.9. damage or destroy others' property, including ITMO property;

5.3.10. dirty up or litter in Library spaces;
5.3.11. infringe on the Library’s zoning or move furniture (with the exception of chairs and relocatable partitions);
5.3.12. bring to Library and use any wheeled vehicles with the exception of wheelchairs;
5.3.13. take photos and videos without receiving permission from Library administration;
5.3.14. interfere with the work of Library staff.
5.4. When in Library spaces, Users are obliged to:
5.4.1. treat ITMO property with care, including Documents, as well as furniture and equipment at Library spaces;
5.4.2. immediately notify Library staff of malfunctioning equipment;
5.4.3. when coming to Library spaces with printed materials of their own, present them to Library staff at entry and exit;
5.4.4. switch their smartphones to silent mode;
5.4.5. upon completing their activities, leave the workplaces at Library spaces in their original condition;
5.4.6. obey Library staff in what has to do with complying Library Rules.
6.1. When breaking Rules, Users can be subject to disciplinary measures and financial liabilities in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, internal policies and procedures of ITMO, and these Rules.
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